The winner of the Sunshine ‘Outstanding Teacher/Teaching Assistant’ Award for 2015 was…

Carol Merryman

“Carol is an exceptional teaching assistant. She has the role of well being officer at Ledbury Primary School. She looks after the children, parents and staff using her nurturing and caring personality.  Nothing is too much trouble for Carol and she goes to the ends of the earth to give the correct support and makes the school a great place to be.”

The other two nominees were:

Andrew Taylor

“Andrew is head of mathematics at Lady Hawkins School. He’s been teaching for over 20 years and has inspired students wherever he’s worked. He is a very committed teacher and last year his school won the ks3 maths cup beating every other school in the county. He has also run a very successful equestrian team and they won 4 regional titles. An amazing teacher who gains respect from all students that he teaches.”


Jane Crabtree

“Jane has been a teacher at the Royal National College for the Blind for over 20 years.  During that time she has developed the massage and complimentary therapy programme into a vocational, work based learning course with real outcomes and paid employment for people with visual impairment. Jane goes above  and beyond the call of duty by accompanying her learners to their home areas in order to meet potential employers. She also facilities work placements and paid employment for those who wish to remain in Hereford.”